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At digilibrary.net you can get a Training Pro Membership.
This is a Trial for €2
The fee for the full subscription is €49 a month for the subscription.
Benefits of this membership are: Benefits on this membership is:

  • Fat Burning Specific Program
  • Every-day diet plan
  • Daily calories calculation

The TRIAL is a 5 day period where you can use all these benefits for this trial be aware that we charge you an amount of €2.
When signing up for this Endurance Training Pro Membership we will charge you the normal price of €49 on an ongoing basis every 30 day period.
PLEASE NOTICE: You can cancel this Fat Burning Pro Membership anytime, canceling this will affect you will no longer be charged for any subscription but regardless of what part of your period you cancel you will have the benefits of the Fat Burning Pro Membership for the full paid period.

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